Hunter S. Thompson’s Tamest Headline

hunter s thompson first job

In 1953, when Hunter S. Thompson was just sixteen years old, he managed to get his name in the news for a very un-Gonzo-like reason.

It may be hard to imagine Hunter as a banker, but he did briefly have a job in a Louisville bank during his school years and apparently he managed to lose his first set of wages.

It’s not exactly riveting journalism, but it was enough for Hunter’s hometown newspaper, the Courier-Journal, to spend a couple of lines on it.

Luckily for Thompson, his money showed up the very next day.

Thompson obviously wasn’t cut out for life working in a bank and, in fact, he held very few conventional jobs during his life. After cutting his teeth as an editor and reporter shortly after high school, he did everything he could to make it as a writer, producing headlines and stories a lot more exciting than these…

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