Articles by Hunter S. Thompson

This is, to the best of my knowledge, the most complete list of Hunter’s writing (excluding books) currently available online. It is taken from High White Notes: The Rise and Fall of Gonzo Journalism.

Note: While editing the Command Courier (1956-57), Thompson wrote several articles per week in addition to a column. Many of these were unnamed, so I have not added them individually. The same was true of his childhood contributions to the Southern Star.

1947-49 Southern StarVarious articles
1954 The SpectatorOpen Letter to the Youth of Our Nation
1995 The SpectatorSecurity
1956-57 Command CourierSports articles and column
1957 Playground NewsSports articles and column
196029-MayLouisville Courier-JournalMunoz Skilfully Keeps Foes Off-Balance
 26-JunLouisville Courier-JournalA Louisvillian in Voodoo Country
 10-JulThe Royal Gazette WeeklyThey Hoped to Reach Spain but are Stranded in Bermuda
196126-MarChicago TribuneCalifornia’s Big Sur Lures Tourists with its Solitude
 23-AprLouisville Courier-JournalCarnival Time in St. Thomas
 08-OctChicago TribuneBaja California Has Honky-Tonks, Solitude
 OctoberRogueBig Sur, The Tropic of Henry Miller
 DecemberRogueBurial at Sea
196218-FebChicago TribuneRenfro Valley
 24-JunNational ObserverLeery Optimism’ at Home for Kennedy Visitor
 16-JulNational ObserverNobody Is Neutral Under Aruba’s Hot Sun
 06-AugNational ObserverA Footloose American in a Smugglers’ Den
 27-AugNational ObserverDemocracy Dies in Peru, But Few Seem to Mourn Its Passing
 17-SepNational ObserverHow Democracy is Nudged Ahead in Ecuador
 01-OctNational ObserverBallots in Brazil Will Measure the Allure of Leftist Nationalism
 15-OctNational ObserverOperation Triangular: Bolivia’s Fate Rides With It
 11-NovLouisville Courier-JournalBeer Boat Blues
 19-NovNational ObserverUruguay Goes to Polls, With Economy Sagging
 31-DecNational ObserverChatty Letters During a Journey from Aruba to Rio
196307-JanNational ObserverTroubled Brazil Holds Key Vote
 28-JanNational ObserverIt’s a Dictatorship, but Few Seem to Care Enough to Stay and Fight
 11-FebNational ObserverDaybreak at the Domino: Brazilian Soldiers Stage a Raid in Revenge
 11-MarNational ObserverLeftist Trend and Empty Treasury Plague the Latin American Giant
 15-AprNational ObserverA Never-Never Land High Above the Sea
 20-MayNational ObserverElection Watched as Barometer of Continent’s Anti-Democratic Trend
 03-JunNational ObserverA Time for Sittin’, Listenin’, and Reverie
 10-JunNational ObserverHe Haunts the Ruins of His Once-Great Empire
 15-JulNational ObserverKelso Looks Just Like Any $1,307,000 Horse. . . A Day With a Champion
 22-JulNational ObserverWhen the Thumb Was a Ticket to Adventures on the Highway. . . The Extinct Hitchhiker
 05-AugNational ObserverWhere Are the Writing Talents of Yesteryear?
 19-AugNational ObserverWhy Anti-Gringo Winds Often Blow South of the Border
 02-SepNational ObserverAn Aussie Paul Bunyan Shows Our Loggers How
 09-SepNational ObserverExecutives Crank Open Philosophy’s Windows
 07-OctNational ObserverOne of the Darkest Documents Ever Put Down is ‘The Red Lances,’
 28-OctNational ObserverCan Brazil Hold Out Until the Next Election?
 11-NovNational ObserverDonleavy Proves His Lunatic Humor Is Original
 02-DecNational ObserverThe Crow, a Novelist, and a Hunt; Man in Search of His Primitive Self
 16-DecNational ObserverWhat Miners Lost in Taking an Irishman
 16-DecNational ObserverWhen Buck Fever Hits Larkspur’s Slopes
 19-DecThe ReporterA Southern City With Northern Problems
196410-FebNational ObserverAnd Now a Proletariat on Aspen’s Ski Slopes
 09-MarNational ObserverThe Catch is Limited in Indians’ ‘Fish-In,’
 09-MarNational ObserverDr. Pflaum Looks at the Latins, But His View is Tired and Foggy
 20-AprNational ObserverWhen The Beatniks Were Social Lions
 20-AprNational ObserverBrazilian’s Fable of a Phony Carries the Touch of Mark Twain
 27-AprNational ObserverGolding Tries ‘Lord of the Flies’ Formula Again, But It Falls Short
 25-MayNational ObserverWhat Lured Hemingway to Ketchum?
 01-JunNational ObserverWhither the Old Copper Capital of the West? To Boom or Bust?
 15-JunNational ObserverThe Atmosphere Has Never Been Quite the Same
 22-JunNational ObserverWhy Montana’s ‘Shanty Irishman’ Corrals Votes Year After Year
 13-JulNational ObserverLiving in the Time of Alger, Greeley, Debs
 14-SepNational ObserverBagpipes Wail, Cabers Fly as the Clans Gather
 28-SepNational ObserverYou’d Be Fried Like a Piece of Lean Bacon
 02-NovNational ObserverPeople Want Bad Taste. . . In Everything
 21-DecNational ObserverA Surgeon’s Fingers Fashion a Literary Career
196517-MayThe NationMotorcycle Gangs: Losers and Outsiders
 27-SepThe NationNonstudent Left
 SeptemberPageantIt Ain’t Hardly That Way No More
 13-OctSpider MagazineCollect Telegram from a Mad Dog
 DecemberPageantThe 450-Square Mile Parking Lot
1966JanuaryEsquireLife Styles: the Cyclist (excerpt of H.A.)
196726-FebL.A. TimesA Man’s Best Friend is his Hog (excerpt of H.A.)
 26-FebLouisville Courier-JournalThe Motorcycle Gangs
 14-MayNew York TimesThe ‘Hashbury’ Is the Capital of the Hippies
 AugustPageantWhy Boys Will Be Girls
 AugustCavalierNights in the Rustic
 NovemberThe Distant DrummerThe Ultimate Freelancer
1968 Collier’s Encyclopedia YearbookThe Hippies
 JulyPageantPresenting: The Richard Nixon Doll
196923-FebBoston GlobeMemoirs of a Wretched Weekend in Washington
 SeptemberPageantThose Daring Young Men in Their Flying Machines
1970??Stag AnnualThe “Angel” Wreckers of Bass Lake: I Rode With the Cycle Bums Who Tore up California
 JanuaryOther ScenesHow the Freaks Almost Took the Town
 MarchScanlan’s MonthlyThe Temptations of Jean-Claude Killy
 March-October?Aspen Wallposter SeriesVarious Writings
 JuneScanlan’s MonthlyThe Kentucky Derby Is Decadent and Depraved
 SeptemberScanlan’s MonthlyPolice Chief — The Indispensable Magazine of Law Enforcement (by Raoul Duke)
 01-OctRolling StoneThe Battle of Aspen
 08-OctAspen TimesOnly Serious People Can Laugh
197129-AprRolling StoneStrange Rumblings in Aztlan
 02-SepRolling StoneMemo From the Sports Desk: The So-Called ‘Jesus-Freak’ Scare
 11-NovRolling StoneFear and Loathing in Las Vegas: A Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Dream (Part I)
 25-NovRolling StoneFear and Loathing in Las Vegas: A Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Dream (Part II)
197206-JanRolling StoneFear and Loathing in Washington: Is This Trip Necessary?
 03-FebRolling StoneFear and Loathing In Washington: The Million Pound Shithammer
 02-MarRolling StoneFear and Loathing in New Hampshire
 16-MarRolling StoneFear and  Loathing: The View from Key Biscayne
 13-AprRolling StoneFear and Loathing: The Banshee Screams in Florida
 27-AprRolling StoneFear and Loathing in Wisconsin
 11-MayRolling StoneFear and Loathing: Late News from Bleak House
 08-JunRolling StoneFear and Loathing: Crank-Time on the Low Road
 06-JulRolling StoneFear and Loathing in California: Traditional Politics with a Vengeance
 20-JulRolling StoneFear and Loathing: In the Eye of the Hurricane
 17-AugRolling StoneFear and Loathing in Miami: Old Bulls Meet the Butcher
 28-SepRolling StoneFear and Loathing in Miami: Nixon Bites the Bomb
 26-OctRolling StoneFear and Loathing: The Fat City Blues
 09-NovRolling StoneAsk Not For Whom the Bell Tolls …
197315-FebRolling StoneFear and Loathing at the Superbowl: No Rest for the Wretched. . .
 05-JulRolling StoneTime Warp: Campaign 72
 02-AugRolling StoneMemo from the Sports Desk & Rude Notes from a Decompression Chamber in Miami
 27-SepRolling StoneFear and Loathing at the Watergate: Mr. Nixon Has Cashed His Check
197401-JanNew York TimesFear and Loathing in the Bunker
 28-FebRolling StoneFear and Loathing at the Super Bowl
 04-JulRolling StoneFear and Loathing in Washington: It was a Nice Place. They Were Principled People, Generally
 10-OctRolling StoneFear and Loathing in Limbo: The Scum also Rises
 DecemberPlayboyThe Great Shark Hunt
197522-MayRolling StoneFear and Loathing in Saigon: Interdicted Dispatch from the Global Affairs Desk
197603-JunRolling StoneFear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail ’76: Third Rate Romance, Low Rent Rendezvous
197715-DecRolling StoneThe Banshee Screams for Buffalo Meat: Fear and Loathing in the Graveyard of the Weird
197804-MayRolling StoneLast Tango in Vegas: Fear and Loathing in the Near Room
 18-MayRolling StoneLast Tango in Vegas: Fear and Loathing in the Far Room
 15-SepLouisville Courier-JournalAli-Spinks (reprint of Last Tango in Vegas)
1981AprilRunningThe Charge of the Weird Brigade
198321-JulRolling StoneA Dog Took my Place
 DecemberPlayboyThe Curse of Lono (excerpt)
1984AprilPenthouse (Australia only)The Curse of Lono (excerpt)
 24-30 MayTime Out MagazineThe Curse of Lono (excerpt)
 30-AugRolling StoneThe Sequins were Michael’s Idea (excerpt of FLLV)
198509-MayRolling StoneDance of the Doomed
 23-SepSan Francisco ExaminerBuffalo Gores a Visitor
 30-SepSan Francisco ExaminerThe Geek from Coral Gables
 04-OctSan Francisco ExaminerDeath to the Weird
 07-OctSan Francisco Examiner666 Pennsylvania Avenue
 21-OctSan Francisco ExaminerNixon and the Whale Woman
 28-OctSan Francisco ExaminerBad Nerves in Fat City
 04-NovSan Francisco ExaminerFull-time Scrambling
 11-NovSan Francisco ExaminerMaking Travel Plans
 18-NovSan Francisco ExaminerThe Beast with Three Backs
 25-NovSan Francisco ExaminerThe Doctor will See you Now
 03-DecSan Francisco ExaminerRevenge of the Fish Heads
 09-DecSan Francisco ExaminerSaturday Night in the City
 16-DecSan Francisco ExaminerA Generation of Swine
 23-DecSan Francisco ExaminerApres Moi, La Deluge
 30-DecSan Francisco ExaminerThe Dim and Dirty Road
198616-JanSan Francisco ExaminerOff with their Heads
 13-JanSan Francisco ExaminerHow do you Spell Hitler?
 20-JanSan Francisco ExaminerCrank Time in Tripoli
 26-JanSan Francisco ExaminerNothing’s Moving on Lincoln Avenue
 27-JanSan Francisco ExaminerMeat Sickness
 03-FebSan Francisco ExaminerLast Train from Chicago
 10-FebSan Francisco ExaminerKill them Before they Eat
 17-FebSan Francisco ExaminerFour Million Thugs
 24-FebSan Francisco ExaminerMemo from the War Room
 03-MarSan Francisco ExaminerThe Gonzo Salvage Co
 10-MarSan Francisco ExaminerSalvage is not Looting
 17-MarSan Francisco ExaminerDown at the Boca Chica
 24-MarSan Francisco ExaminerLet the Cheap Dogs Eat
 31-MarSan Francisco ExaminerOx Butchered in Tripoli
 07-AprSan Francisco ExaminerNever get off the Boat
 14-AprSan Francisco ExaminerThey Called him Deep Throat
 21-AprSan Francisco ExaminerThe Pro-Flogging View
 28-AprSan Francisco ExaminerJust Another Terrorist
 05-MaySan Francisco ExaminerThe Woman from Kiev
 12-MaySan Francisco ExaminerTwo More Years
 19-MaySan Francisco ExaminerThey all Drowned
 26-MaySan Francisco ExaminerFour More Games
 02-JunSan Francisco ExaminerLast Dance in Dumb Town
 09-JunSan Francisco ExaminerRise of the TV Preachers
 16-JunSan Francisco ExaminerDealing with Pigs
 23-JunSan Francisco ExaminerDeported to Malaysia
 30-JunSan Francisco ExaminerA Clean, Ill-Lighted Place
 07-JulSan Francisco ExaminerSlow Day at the Airport
 14-JulSan Francisco ExaminerLester Maddox Lives
 21-JulSan Francisco ExaminerSex, Drugs and Rock and Roll
 04-AugSan Francisco ExaminerDr. Thompson’s Odds for ’88 Race; Campaign ’88: The Early Line
 11-AugSan Francisco ExaminerWelcome to the Tunnel
 18-AugSan Francisco ExaminerStrictly Business
 25-AugSan Francisco ExaminerMidnight in the Desert
 01-SepSan Francisco ExaminerShowdown in the Pig Palace
 08-SepSan Francisco ExaminerDown to a Sunless Sea
 15-SepSan Francisco ExaminerThe Turk Comes to TV News
 22-SepSan Francisco ExaminerBull Market on the Strip
 29-SepSan Francisco ExaminerThe South African Problem
 08-OctSan Francisco ExaminerLoose Cannon on the Deck
 13-OctSan Francisco ExaminerLet the Good Times Roll
 20-OctSan Francisco ExaminerA Death in the Family
 03-NovSan Francisco ExaminerThe Garden of Agony
 05-NovSan Francisco ExaminerBack to Ormsby House
 10-NovSan Francisco ExaminerThe White Helicopter
 17-NovSan Francisco ExaminerWhite Trash with Money
 24-NovSan Francisco ExaminerA Night at the Track
 30-NovSan Francisco ExaminerThe Lord and a Good Lawyer
 08-DecSan Francisco ExaminerRonald Reagan is Doomed
 15-DecSan Francisco ExaminerGod Bless Colonel North
 22-DecSan Francisco ExaminerOrgy of the Dead
 29-DecSan Francisco ExaminerThe Year of the Pig
198705-JanSan Francisco ExaminerMixup at the Hospital
 12-JanSan Francisco ExaminerThe Gizzard of Darkness
 19-JanSan Francisco ExaminerCrazy Patrick and Big Al
 26-JanSan Francisco ExaminerTrapped in Harding Park
 02-FebSan Francisco ExaminerThe Great White Hope
 09-FebSan Francisco ExaminerExpelled from the System
 16-FebSan Francisco ExaminerGone with the Wind
 23-FebSan Francisco ExaminerNew Blood on the Tracks
 03-MarSan Francisco ExaminerThe Lake of Fire
 23-MarSan Francisco ExaminerDoomed Love in the Rockies
 30-MarSan Francisco ExaminerThe Scum of the Earth
 06-AprSan Francisco ExaminerThe Losers’ Club
 13-AprSan Francisco ExaminerHagler Lacked Buoyancy
 20-AprSan Francisco ExaminerThe Loved Ones
 27-AprSan Francisco ExaminerThe Death Ship
 04-MaySan Francisco ExaminerThe American Dream
 11-MaySan Francisco ExaminerCalligula & the 7 Dwarfs
 18-MaySan Francisco ExaminerMemo to my Editor
 25-MaySan Francisco ExaminerThe Time of the Geek
 01-JunSan Francisco ExaminerA Wild and Crazy Guy
 15-JunSan Francisco ExaminerOllie’s Choice
 23-JunSan Francisco ExaminerThe Trickle-Down Theory
 29-JunSan Francisco ExaminerFour More Years
 06-JulSan Francisco ExaminerDance of the Seven Dwarfs
 13-JulSan Francisco ExaminerIt was you, Charlie
 20-JulSan Francisco ExaminerFat Men on Horseback
 27-JulSan Francisco ExaminerCowboys at Sea
 03-AugSan Francisco ExaminerThe Honor of the Dead Bill
 17-AugSan Francisco ExaminerThe Last Taxi to Scotland
 09-SepSan Francisco ExaminerGary Hart Talks Politics
 14-SepSan Francisco ExaminerSwine of the Week
 21-SepSan Francisco ExaminerHere Come de Judge
 28-SepSan Francisco ExaminerWooing the Degenerate Vote
 05-OctSan Francisco ExaminerThe Weak and the Weird
 12-OctSan Francisco ExaminerThe Time has Come
 26-OctSan Francisco ExaminerThe Worm Turns
 02-NovSan Francisco ExaminerNever Apologize, Never Explain
 16-NovSan Francisco ExaminerThe End of an Era
 23-NovSan Francisco ExaminerThe Continental Op
 30-NovSan Francisco ExaminerThe Waiver Wire
 14-DecSan Francisco ExaminerPigs in the Wilderness
 16-DecSan Francisco ExaminerThey Laughed at Thomas Edison
 22-DecSan Francisco ExaminerBack in the Saddle Again
 28-DecSan Francisco ExaminerRemembering Oscar
198811-JanSan Francisco ExaminerJust Say Yes
 18-JanSan Francisco ExaminerAcid Flashback No. 327
 25-JanSan Francisco ExaminerThe Hangman Cometh
 27-JanBoston GlobeNo Paranoia for Mecham; Fears are Justified
 08-FebSan Francisco ExaminerThe Wimp Croaks in Iowa
 15-FebSan Francisco ExaminerThe Fat is in the Fire
 17-FebSan Francisco ExaminerMiracle in N.H.: Resurrection of George Bush
 17-FebBoston GlobeRobertson May Put Fat in the Fire
 22-FebSan Francisco ExaminerThe Hellfire Club
 29-FebSan Francisco ExaminerHigh Man on a Seesaw
 09-MarSan Francisco ExaminerIt’s all Over Now, Baby Blue
 14-MarSan Francisco ExaminerDarkness at Noon
 21-MarSan Francisco ExaminerThe Other George Bush
 24-MarBoston GlobeA Blaze of Gibberish on Bush
 28-MarSan Francisco ExaminerGuess Who’s Coming to Dinner?
 30-MarBoston GlobeWearing the McGovern Tattoo
 04-AprSan Francisco ExaminerThere Go the Foundations
 16-AprSan Francisco ExaminerIf it Rains, You Lose
 25-AprSan Francisco ExaminerA Sickness Unto Death
 09-MaySan Francisco ExaminerUnderground Journalism
 23-MaySan Francisco ExaminerDoctor Baker Will See You Now
 25-MayBoston GlobeSorting Out the Weird Ones
 30-MaySan Francisco ExaminerThe Drug War at Waterloo
 06-JunSan Francisco ExaminerApartment in Borneo
 13-JunSan Francisco ExaminerStatic Detonates the Gel
 20-JunSan Francisco ExaminerI Told you it was Wrong
 27-JunSan Francisco ExaminerThe Student Prince
 11-JulSan Francisco ExaminerThe Whole World is Watching
 20-JulSan Francisco Examiner800-lb Gorilla
 22-JulSan Francisco ExaminerThe Family Doctor
 25-JulSan Francisco ExaminerWhy is this Man Whining?
 21-AugSan Francisco ExaminerThe Seas of Politics Often Lead to Silliness
 22-AugSan Francisco ExaminerPresident Quayle?
 12-SepSan Francisco ExaminerWeird Today, Gone Tomorrow
 19-SepSan Francisco ExaminerPost-Hypnotic Transgressions
 27-SepSan Francisco ExaminerBush’s Big Deal: Just a Slip of the Tongue?
 FallSmartThe Man Without a Country
 03-OctSan Francisco ExaminerThere is no Pulse
 06-OctSan Francisco ExaminerWhen Quayle Wrapped Himself in JFK’s Mantle
 10-OctSan Francisco ExaminerThe Meaning of Life in 250 Words
 14-OctSan Francisco ExaminerNo Hits, No Errors in Debate
 07-NovSan Francisco ExaminerLast Train from Camelot / I Slit My Own Eyeballs
 22-NovSan Francisco ExaminerThe New Dumb
 06-DecSan Francisco ExaminerThey Also Serve, Who Only Stand and Feed
 13-DecSan Francisco ExaminerLove in the Age of Greed
 21-DecSan Francisco ExaminerYear of the Alligator
198909-JanSan Francisco ExaminerLet’s You and Him Fight
 30-JanSan Francisco ExaminerFear & Loathing in Sacramento
 06-FebSan Francisco ExaminerStrange Ride to Reno
 13-FebSan Francisco ExaminerOmnia Vincit Amor
 27-FebSan Francisco ExaminerThe Death of Russell Chatham
 06-MarSan Francisco ExaminerWhiskey Business
 13-MarSan Francisco ExaminerI Knew her When She Used to Rock & Roll
 03-AprSan Francisco ExaminerAnother Vicious Attack
 10-AprSan Francisco ExaminerNo More Semper Fi
 22-MaySan Francisco ExaminerDon’t Tread on Me
 29-MaySan Francisco ExaminerLet the Hundred Flowers Bloom
 26-JunSan Francisco Examiner[Title in Chinese Characters]
 31-JulSan Francisco ExaminerThe Bull Market
 07-AugSan Francisco ExaminerWelcome to the Abyssal Zone
 30-AugSan Francisco ExaminerNightmare on Thunder Road
 26-SepSan Francisco ExaminerThe Rich are Still Hungry
 20-NovSan Francisco ExaminerThe German Decade
199005-FebSan Francisco ExaminerMedical Bulletin #666 – We Think
 MayNorthwest ExtraCommunity of Whores
199001-NovRolling StoneWelcome to the Nineties: Gunfight at the Gonzo Corral
1991FebruaryEsquireYear of the Wolf
 MarchEsquireWhere Were You When the Fun Stopped?
 02-MarWar NewsUntitled Fax
 AprilEsquireDeath of a Sportsman
 30-MayRolling StoneMemo: The Taming of the Shrew
199223-JanRolling StoneFear and Loathing in Elko
 11-JunRolling StoneFear and Loathing in Las Vegas: A Savage Return to the Heart of the American Dream
 17-SepRolling StoneBill Clinton: The Rolling Stone Interview; Dr. Thompson on Mr. Bill’s Neighborhood
 OctoberPlayboyThe Unmaking of the President
 04-OctObserver MagazineFear and Loathing at the Palace
199416-JunRolling StoneHe was a Crook
 15-DecRolling StonePolo Is My Life: Fear and Loathing in Horse Country
199608-AugRolling StoneMistah Leary, He Dead
199712-JunRolling StoneProud Highway (excerpt)
 18-SepRolling StoneThe Shootist
 10-NovCycle WorldSong of the Sausage Creature
199819-MarRolling StoneMemo from the National Affairs Desk
 NovemberEsquireThe Rum Diary (excerpt)
199913-MarRolling StoneHey Rube! I Love You: Eerie Reflections on Fuel, Madness & Music
200006-NovESPN Page 2Baseball Has Become Unruly
 13-NovESPN Page 2Just Binge, Baby!
 20-NovESPN Page 2Prepare for the Weirdness
 27-NovESPN Page 2The Fix is in
 DecemberVanity FairPostal Disturbances (excerpts from Fear and Loathing in America)
 04-DecESPN Page 2The FNL, Election & Generation Z
 11-DecESPN Page 2State of Disgrace
 18-DecESPN Page 2Ready for Sainthood
 25-DecESPN Page 2Gambling Fever
200102-JanESPN Page 2The Curse of Musburger
 08-JanESPN Page 2Watch the Economy Shrink While Breasts Expand
 15-JanESPN Page 2Fear & Loathing on Super Sunday
 22-JanESPN Page 2Abandon All Hope Ye in Tampa… and Washington
 29-JanESPN Page 2Giants, Gamblers Go Down in a Ball of Fire
 05-FebESPN Page 2Several Grave Injustices
 12-FebESPN Page 2Mad Cows and Sick Sports
 19-FebESPN Page 2Death in the Afternoon
 21-FebESPN Page 2XFL, RIP
 MarchMen’s HealthTotal, Utter Confusion
 March-AprilMountain GazettePolitics & the F-word
 05-MarESPN Page 2A Crime Against Nature
 12-MarESPN Page 2Warning to Gamblers: Beware the Ides of March
 19-MarESPN Page 2Cat Scratch Fever
 26-MarESPN Page 2Memo from a Gambling Victim
 30-MarESPN Page 2Where Were You When the Fun Stopped?
 09-AprESPN Page 2Notes on the Wrong Way to Gamble
 16-AprESPN Page 2NBA and the Downward Spiral of Dumbness
 23-AprESPN Page 2Bad Craziness at Owl Farm
 30-AprESPN Page 2Can the Three Stooges Save the NBA?
 MayHarper’sHunter Goes to Hollywood
 07-MayESPN Page 2Kentucky Derby and Other Gambling Disasters
 14-MayESPN Page 2Going to War for Justice
 21-MayESPN Page 2How ’bout that Patrick Roy
 28-MayESPN Page 2Patrick Roy and Warren Zevon – Two Champions at the Top of their Game
 04-JunESPN Page 2Jack Kerouac and the Football Hall of Fame
 11-JunESPN Page 2Wild Days at the Sports Desk
 14-JunESPN Page 2Cockfighting – a Savage & Noble Sport
 20-JunESPN Page 2Eerie Lull Rattles the Sports World
 25-JunESPN Page 2Olympic Disaster in Utah
 02-JulESPN Page 2Hey Rube’ Goes to Hollywood
 10-SepESPN Page 2The Wisdom of Nashville and Violence of Jack Nicholson: A Football Story
 12-SepESPN Page 2Fear & Loathing in America
 18-SepESPN Page 2When War Drums Roll
 25-SepESPN Page 2Will Sports Survive Bin Laden?
 02-OctESPN Page 2Stadium Living in New Age
 10-OctESPN Page 2Football in the Kingdom of Fear
 17-OctESPN Page 2Banish Cowboys, ‘Skins – Forever
 23-OctESPN Page 2Foul Balls and Rash Predictions
 31-OctESPN Page 2Getting Weird for Devil’s Day
 06-NovESPN Page 2The Yankees are Dead; Long Live the Yankees
 12-NovESPN Page 2The Man who Loved Sports too Much
 20-NovESPN Page 2The Shame of Indianapolis
 27-NovESPN Page 2Revenge of the 49ers
 06-DecESPN Page 2Failure, Football & Violence on the Strip
 11-DecESPN Page 2Madness in Honolulu
 18-DecESPN Page 2Skunks Like Me
200214-JanESPN Page 2Break up the Ravens
 21-JanESPN Page 2Pay up or Get Whpped
 29-JanESPN Page 2Braced for the Last Football Game
 14-FebESPN Page 2Domestic Terrorism at the Super Bowl
 25-FebESPN Page 2Ed Bradley & the Stigma of Bull Worship
 05-MarESPN Page 2For What it’s Worth
 19-MarESPN Page 2Be Like George – Bet on Kentucky
 28-MarESPN Page 2Slow Dance in Rap Town
 30-AprESPN Page 2Dr. Thompson in Beirut
 24-SepESPN Page 2Dr. Thompson is Back from Beirut
 09-OctESPN Page 2Walking Tall in the Sport of Swine
 14-OctESPN Page 2The NFL Uber Alles
 28-OctESPN Page 2Blood on the Walls of Hollywood
 05-NovESPN Page 2My 49er Habit
 11-NovESPN Page 2Don’t Let This Happen to You
 25-NovESPN Page 2White Death in the Rockies
 03-DecESPN Page 2Grantland Rice Haunts the Honolulu Marathon
 16-DecESPN Page 2The Honolulu Marathon is Decadent and Depraved
200302-JanESPN Page 2The Death of the 49ers
 07-JanESPN Page 2Public Shame and Private Victory
 13-JanESPN Page 2Oakland Uber Alles
 20-JanESPN Page 2The Last Super Bowl
 27-JanESPN Page 2Super Bowl Fool
 29-JanESPN Page 2Braced for the Last Football Game
 03-FebESPN Page 2Extreme Behavior
 19-FebESPN Page 2A World of Pain
 03-MarESPN Page 2Saturday Night at the Fights
 11-MarESPN Page 2Kentucky Uber Alles
 26-MarESPN Page 2Love Blooms in the Rockies
 31-MarESPN Page 2Love in the Time of War
 April-MayRelixJesus Hated Bald Pussy (excerpt from Kingdom of Fear)
 10-AprESPN Page 2A Sad Week in America
 18-AprESPN Page 2Back in the Day
 21-AprESPN Page 2The Tragedy of Naked Bowling
 01-MayESPN Page 2The Royal Wedding
 06-MayESPN Page 2Seventh Heaven
 10-MayDaily TelegraphNight of the Hunter (excerpt from Kingdom of Fear)
 12-MayESPN Page 2The Sport of Kings
 21-MayESPN Page 2The Good, The Bad and the Vicious
 27-MayESPN Page 2Rewarding the Ugly
 02-JunESPN Page 2Killed by a Speeding Hummer
 10-JunESPN Page 2Thoroughbred Conspiracy Theory
 July-AugustAdbustersUntitled essay
 22-JulESPN Page 2Welcome to the Big Darkness
 28-JulESPN Page 2The Nation’s Capital
 12-AugESPN Page 2On in a Million
 19-AugESPN Page 2Not so Sweet Dreams
 25-AugESPN Page 2Speed will Rule the NFL
 08-SepESPN Page 2Death of an American Poet
 09-SepESPN Page 2Bush League
 15-SepESPN Page 2Soured on the Sweet Science
 29-SepESPN Page 2George Plimpton Uber Alles
 08-OctESPN Page 2A Bad Bet
 14-OctESPN Page 2Fast and Furious
 28-OctESPN Page 2Submitting to Sports
 04-NovESPN Page 2Wild Monday Night in Denver
 18-NovESPN Page 2Am I Turning into a Pervert?
 25-NovESPN Page 2In your Dreams, Buddy
 09-DecESPN Page 2Running Wild
2004JanuaryPlayboyFear and Justice in the Kingdom of Sex
 13-JanESPN Page 2Being a Betting Man
 19-JanESPN Page 2Note to Self
 28-JanESPN Page 2Mr. Brady Goes to Washington
 03-FebESPN Page 2The Final Score
 11-FebESPN Page 2Goose Bumps
 18-FebESPN Page 2Presidential No-No
 18-MarESPN Page 2Tournament Time
 23-MarESPN Page 2Kentucky’s Disgrace
 30-MarESPN Page 2Duke’s a Hazzard
 06-AprESPN Page 2No Contest
 13-AprESPN Page 2Strange Days
 18-MayESPN Page 2Let’s Go to the Olympics!
 25-MayESPN Page 2Let’s Get Physical
 JuneVanity FairPrison of Denver
 06-JulESPN Page 2Security Blanket
 14-JulESPN Page 2Buy My Book!
 27-JulESPN Page 2Don’t You Dare
 10-AugESPN Page 2Opening Bet
 25-AugESPN Page 2Stirring the Pot
 15-SepESPN Page 2Just Pay Up
 02-NovESPN Page 2D-Day
 09-NovESPN Page 2End of Days
 11-NovRolling StoneThe Fun-Hogs in the Passing Lane
 30-NovESPN Page 2State of Emergency
 16-DecESPN Page 2Monday Night Fools
 21-DecESPN Page 2A Monster Weekend
 15-FebESPN Page 2Shotgun Golf with Bill Murray