The Gonzo Studies Society was founded by David S. Wills, author of High White Notes: The Rise and Fall of Gonzo Journalism. Both the website and book aim to spread awareness of the work of Hunter S. Thompson and argue for his place in American literature. He is famous for several books and articles but generally not taken seriously as a literary journalist; however, Thompson was both a serious artist and reporter, as well as one of the major thinkers of his era. His work deserves more critical attention and that is our mission.

In the coming weeks and months, this website will be updated with articles, essays, interviews, reviews, and other resources. We aim to be the largest and most reliable source of Hunter S. Thompson material on the internet. (You can find other ones listed here.)

We are open to submissions. We will not publish fiction or anything that purports to be “modern Gonzo.” This is only for work centred around the life and work of Hunter S. Thompson, as well as his Gonzo co-conspirator, Ralph Steadman. Submissions should be sent to david [at] gonzo-studies (dot) com. We prefer what we term “the semi-academic,” which is to say inquires of academic interest but written in an accessible mode.

For more about what Gonzo actually means, click here.

David S. Wills is the author of High White Notes, as well as books on Allen Ginsberg and William S. Burroughs. He is the editor of Beatdom literary journal and has written about Hunter S. Thompson for Quillette, Mental Floss, Lithub, the Allen Ginsberg Trust, Sensitive Skin, The Millions, and more. You can read more about him at www.davidswills.com.