7 Hunter S. Thompson Articles You Can Read Online for Free

If you want to read Hunter S. Thompson’s best work, then go read his books. You’ll find most of his best articles in The Great Shark Hunt, a collection of his work up to 1979.

However, if you just want to see what’s available online for free (and let’s keep it nice and legal, eh?), then here are some classics and a few lesser-known pieces.

You can also read a collection of Thompson’s South American reports for The National Observer at Archive.org. (Hint: You can also use their online library to borrow his books and read them for free.)

Bonus: There are several more articles and even a short story that you can read at TotallyGonzo.org. There are, in my opinion, peak pre-Gonzo works. They also have a great index of HST’s ESPN blogs, which are hard to find on the ESPN website itself.

Finally, here’s a complete Hunter S. Thompson bibliography.

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